Grimas Camp: Reviving the Haitian Legacy


Grimas Camp’s mission is to promote the Haitian Culture for the enrichment and unification of the Haitian Community.

Our Vision

Grimas Camp’s objective is to empower the Haitian community through education, cultural development, and create innovative programs in the arts using an approach where communal participation is highly encouraged.

Grimas Camp will accomplish its objective by:

-Promoting the Haitian diaspora and history by facilitating academic, fundraising, artistic events that will revitalize the sense of pride

-Developing a platform to educate our youth about our Haitian history, resources and contributions.

-Constructing an effective plan for collaboration among the different age groups to help bridge the intergenerational gaps within the Haitian Community

-Networking and collaborating with other organizations who share in common interests in the Haitian culture, democracy and education

Grimas Camp invites you to join and support our organization to help us achieve our goals.


To our sponsors:

We are committed to building trust and rapport with our sponsors through honest, transparent and on-going communication. We hold ourselves accountable in using your gifts ethically in support of our mission.